Project Doggie

Game art for those who can’t draw human proportions

I’m an adequate artist. I’ve been drawing and sketching for years, but never really followed proper instruction, aside from some “How to Draw Manga” books back in my teenage years. I’m pretty bad at human proportions, so I tend to draw more cartooney characters:


And it generally works. But for Project Doggie we wanted a more realistic look. So, we’re using a technique that I’ve done for a while, both for backgrounds and people. It’s basically just taking a photograph, and drawing outlines and coloring on top of it.


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The Problem with Perspiration (or something??)

Screenshot-project-doggie I have always been awful at writing stories, so I don’t quite have the same problem as Fyrhino. Usually my brain starts hurting if I try to think of any story stuff, coming up with plots or trees and whatnot (wait, am I talking about stories or agriculture?). I have no talent for coming up with interesting and unique stories, no matter how big or small. :’(

Right now I’m trying to think of what happens when you go to look for bugs at (a) the Playground, (b) the Lake, or (c) the Tennis Court. I have no idea! My brain! It can’t fathom how a child and a dog would search for bugs on a tennis court, or what interesting things might happen! Blahblahblah.

I get really fixated on polish in my games. I like to constantly iterate over the same chunks to refine them over and over, before the game is even done. I would like to get all the draft assets available for the game, where the next step would be to do the art. I would like to figure out how to use RenPy better, so I can make cleaner transitions and nicer menus. I’ve figured out how to use PyGame within RenPy so now I want to make clean, fun, minigames during the non-story bits.

I eventually wrote some basic dialogue for these options, but I spent more time learning to make some custom menus and create a debug setup.

debug debugscreen

Now, Rebekah has FOUR Pokemon badges and I only have TWO! How am I going to catch up now?!

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Project Doggie – Fish Catching Minigame

Working on a PyGame fishing minigame. 2014-02

Working on a PyGame fishing minigame. 2014-02


One of the features of RenPy is that you can use PyGame to build more than just a simple Visual Novel-style game.  When you first install RenPy, there is a “tutorial” project you can view, which has a pong game under the demo_minigame.rpy file. You can also find additional information about writing mini-PyGame games in your program in the documentation. For example, the Displayable class docs are useful.

Of course keep in mind, that these are not the final graphics for the game. It’s too easy to get obsessed with trying to create nice graphics that it hinders you from the actual programming, so these are placeholders – no animation, rough drawing, etc. Think of it as a rough draft. :)

If you’re curious about how I implemented the fish-catching game, everything is Open Source! Check it out on the GitHub project for “Project Doggie”. This sample is under the RenPy > minigame test folder, since I’m working on these separately from the actual game, so things don’t get all cluttery.

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Game Dev Night!1

BekahRachelSo we moved Game Dev Night from it’s traditional Tuesday night to Friday night this week. Because it’s REALLY cold and we got about 8 inches of snow Tuesday. YAY KANSAS!!!!

Currently working on:

  • Character background stories
  • How to do Mini games using RenPy
  • Event Flow Charts
  • Reference Pictures for emotions and whatnot.



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