rachel and rebekah

Who are we?

haMor games are projects created by Rachel J. Morris & Rebekah Hamilton. We are based in Kansas City and are interested in learning and using a variety of tools to create different types of games.


haMor Team

Rachel and Rebekah are cousins who have grown up together, makin’ home movies, playin’ Spyro, performin’ piano/cello duets, and all that sweet stuff.


Rachel Morris (Moosader)

@Moosader • Moosader.com

Rachel is a software/web developer in KC. She has been working on games in her free time for years with various languages and tools, and is also an adequate artist & musician.



Rebekah Hamilton (Fyrhino)


Rebekah is a college student in KC. She’s currently learning to use a variety of tools like Game Maker, Unity, and RenPy. She also loves animals and music.


How to Contact Us

Need to send us a message? You can contact the haMor team via Rachel@Moosader.com !

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