Back in the Saddle

After a few month hiatus Rachel and I are back to Game Deving! HUZZAH!!! It’s been kind of interesting (for me at least) because writing code and such isn’t something I do on a normal everyday basis. Everything I figured out how to do before our break, I’m having to go back and refresh my memory on how to do it. Even stupid little things like indenting the lines correctly so the game doesn’t crash or putting pauses in between words. Besides that I feel like I’m getting some things done. I’m almost done with the Captain’s Errand Event!

Though I don’t have school this Summer I am working full time, so despite not having to study I still don’t have a lot of free time. BUT on the bright side having a full time gig has made me SUPER motivated to do this game so we can start making other games so eventually I’ll never have to work a full time job again!!! And other crazy delusions I have, but at least it pushes me to do more work on our game when I do have the time!

Hopefully as I do more work on the stories and things I’ll have more to write about regarding the development of the game.

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