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"Project Doggie" running on Android

“Project Doggie” running on Android

I am very pleased when something works more-or-less out of the box.  The latest version of RenPy has options in the launcher menu for building your Visual Novel for Android. I had to do a small amount of tweaking to get my own keystore set up (edit a properties file and copy the keystore over), and I had to locate tools.jar and copy/link it to where RenPy/Ant was expecting it to be. But then it worked – no annoying, horrible, headaches.

Same time, I’ve been trying to see about translating (and therefore rebuilding) the Stendhal MMORPG, but that’s getting annoying. Their suggestion for translating the game is kludgy at best, and while there aren’t many open source online RPGs around to tinker with, so it’s aggravating. I just want some multiplayer games in Esperanto to host a server for! I’m already hosting a Minecraft server! ;P

Oh well. So, here’s a screenshot of Project Doggie running on my Galaxy Note tablet.  I think the default resolution for a RenPy project is 800×600, so when we put in final graphics we may go ahead and up it to something like 1024×768 so it looks better on a tablet.

I’m also watching Jeff Gerstmann play Commodore 64 games… so jealous of 80′s developers, being able to make pretty simple games without tons and tons of polish. Seems like so many independent games these days are just loaded with so much polish, it’s hard to know where I should even start sometimes. Plus I’m usually not using an engine, usually coding in C++ or Lua and building a framework and everything else, it probably just takes more effort in general. P:  I wasn’t alive for much of the 80s, but I appreciate (and admire) old freeware/shareware stuff.

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