Monthly Archives: May 2014


So neither Bekah nor I have updated recently. This is mainly due to Bekah having finals to knock out, and I’ve been moving to a new town and that requires cleaning and repainting our old home. Blergh!


Posting kind of stopped around the time we went to Washington for the Digi Pen Preview Day in April. Rebekah’s looking for colleges to go to for her Bachelors degree. I was actually pretty impressed by the institution (I don’t usually take “game development degrees” all that seriously as a Computer Science major, but this was indeed a technical program). So impressed that “maybe I could get my Masters degree here…” entered my mind. But unless I get a job as a professional developer up in Washington anyway, I wouldn’t be able to afford that place (and the living expenses are higher in WA than KS).

So anyway — I’m still working on getting the old place ready to hand the keys over, Bekah just finished finals recently, so hopefully we’ll get back on-track soon!


Published: 20. 05. 2014 | Comments: 0