Game art for those who can’t draw human proportions

I’m an adequate artist. I’ve been drawing and sketching for years, but never really followed proper instruction, aside from some “How to Draw Manga” books back in my teenage years. I’m pretty bad at human proportions, so I tend to draw more cartooney characters:


And it generally works. But for Project Doggie we wanted a more realistic look. So, we’re using a technique that I’ve done for a while, both for backgrounds and people. It’s basically just taking a photograph, and drawing outlines and coloring on top of it.

Raytown South High School

Raytown South High School

And similarly for character art:

My olde friende Claus, who taught me how to trace photos

My olde friende Claus, who taught me how to trace photos

Now, this stuff isn’t art for our game, this is just samples of stuff I’ve done in the past.  For Project Doggie, we’re going to go around Kansas City (and Seattle, when we take our trip up there) to get background art references to use.

We’re also having some of our friends (and ourselves) be “actors”, where we photograph them in different, visual-novel-esque, poses that we can later trace over and color.

We’ll update more on that once we get to that point, but for now, here are some of our reference photos (with bad lighting):

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