The Problem with Perspiration (or something??)

Screenshot-project-doggie I have always been awful at writing stories, so I don’t quite have the same problem as Fyrhino. Usually my brain starts hurting if I try to think of any story stuff, coming up with plots or trees and whatnot (wait, am I talking about stories or agriculture?). I have no talent for coming up with interesting and unique stories, no matter how big or small. :’(

Right now I’m trying to think of what happens when you go to look for bugs at (a) the Playground, (b) the Lake, or (c) the Tennis Court. I have no idea! My brain! It can’t fathom how a child and a dog would search for bugs on a tennis court, or what interesting things might happen! Blahblahblah.

I get really fixated on polish in my games. I like to constantly iterate over the same chunks to refine them over and over, before the game is even done. I would like to get all the draft assets available for the game, where the next step would be to do the art. I would like to figure out how to use RenPy better, so I can make cleaner transitions and nicer menus. I’ve figured out how to use PyGame within RenPy so now I want to make clean, fun, minigames during the non-story bits.

I eventually wrote some basic dialogue for these options, but I spent more time learning to make some custom menus and create a debug setup.

debug debugscreen

Now, Rebekah has FOUR Pokemon badges and I only have TWO! How am I going to catch up now?!

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